Experience and a vision for the future

Our trade is now in the hands of the third generation of the Combalia family. Since 2001, this third generation has joined the tannery step by step, learning the business from previous generations. Some of us bring knowledge and tradition, while others contribute innovation and new ideas. At the same time, we are all constantly learning from our customers’ experience and needs.

EST. 1900

Our past and our present

Our tannery was established in 1900 in Igualada, a small industrial city that has been a centre of leather production since the 11th century.

The regeneration and revival of the industrial quarter, commonly known as “el Rec” district, is helping Igualada become established as home of the cluster of producers of cowhide leather that is made in Barcelona. El Rec district is an active space in which crafts and industry, education and innovation, culture and art coexist, turning the area into a point of reference for the whole country.