Vegetable Tanning


A labour of love

from beginning to end

We manage the entire production process in our tannery; that’s the secret to ensure the quality and regularity of our leather by batch after batch. We source our raw hides exclusively in Europe and from Spanish suppliers; all of the hides are obtained responsibly.


Wet treatment


The raw hide is treated to rehydrate it and remove all traces of dirt.


All of the hair is removed from the hide and recovered for composting.

Fleshing and splitting

During fleshing, the fat is removed from the flesh and the excess is recycled. The hide is split to separate the grain, which is the most valuable part of our work. The resultant split waste is put to other uses.

Deliming, bating and pickling

Deliming removes residual lime left behind by the unhairing process. The bating process refines the grain using enzymes, while the pickling process adjusts the pH to allow the tannins to act in the desired way and to penetrate the hide.


Discover the magic

We use exclusive mixtures of tannins, combining these vegetable extracts with the hides in wooden drums filled with water. This is where the magic happens. The tannins stop the natural degradation process of the hides, while at the same time giving them a range of exceptional and unique characteristics.

By the end of the tanning process, the hides will be what is known as vegetable tanned leather; they will have been transformed into a premium product that will last through the ages.


One unhurried

step at a time

Vegetable tanned leathers are slowly air dried, in controlled temperature and moisture conditions, ensuring a consistent process and paying painstaking attention to the smallest details. This allows us to create the desired product.



The leather then undergoes a number of mechanical processes to give it the perfect texture and feel. Our leather is finished according to the criteria and needs of each customer.

Here at Combalia, we describe our finishes as tailor-made. Our work with leather is personal and exclusive, emphasising the characteristics our customers want, while always abiding by our philosophy of maintaining the very special natural properties of the leather.

That is that is non-negotiable requirement for Combalia: to preserve and protect the natural qualities of leather we produce.